Onboarding to Partner Relationships

Onboarding Merchants to Partner Processor/Gateway Relationships

  1. If you would like to use PayEngine integration to onboard merchants to your own gateway/processor relationships, let your customer success representative know and they will enable this feature in your partner console.

  2. Once enabled, you will be able to go into the Accounts section, select and add gateway/processor credentials.

  3. You would then utilize PayEngine’s onboarding APIs or web components to submit the application.

  4. You would be able to utilize the Merchant_Status_Changed webhook to get updates on status of merchant application. When the status changes to active the webhook will post the following data.

  event_uid: '43ab1219e4eab0809528a211c115f099',
  data: {
    id: 'c404d923-226f-4aae-92da-22c1ef370434',
    status: 'active',
    account_id: 'e90c1de6-4e87-4c9e-bcbc-c535d6e349ec',
    merchant_id: 'c404d923-226f-4aae-92da-22c1ef370434',
    credential_id: 'aba76907-2a1a-41cf-8501-5cd4ba1ff400'
  1. Upon activation of merchant you can utilize the API endpoint /api/merchants/:id/credentials to retrieve merchant gateway credentials.

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