Integration Options

Merchant onboarding is the first phase of the process for getting your merchant approved to process payments using your platform.

Our APIs, hosted white-label pages, and embeddable UI widgets allow you to create a customized onboarding flow and experience. This allows you to deliver a look and feel that remains consistent with your brand, while still getting the full automated onboarding capabilities.

You can choose from the following integration options:



Embeddable Web-components

This is a slightly more involved option that allows you to seamlessly embed the entire onboarding flow directly within your application using our fully customizable UI web-components.

Direct API

If you're looking for direct API integration, whether it's to build your own UI on top of it, custom reporting, or to control it from an existing onboarding system, then this is the right option for you. Our APIs can be interfaced from an existing CRM system, web-forms, or software UI.

Additionally, via our partner portal, you can manually edit any of the onboarding forms, including the option to pre-set fees schedules, etc. The image below illustrates the Merchants section of the system where you can find all the details related to merchants and their activities.

Notifications via webhooks

All merchant boarding activity can be tracked and reported back to the platform. The platform defines events, notification processes, and reporting requirements.

To see the full list of webhooks specs, please refer to the API documentation with your developer portal account.

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