The reporting options below are designed to supply crucial data and analytics, enabling you to strategically optimize your operations and enhance your partnership with us.

  1. Transaction Reports

    These reports offer granular details about every transaction conducted via our payment gateway. They include transaction dates, times, amounts, payment methods, statuses (successful, declined, refunded, etc.), and customer information.

  2. Payout/Settlement Reports

    The Payout/Settlement Reports include data about payout events including payout status, amount and helps your merchant match the payouts they receive in their bank account with the batches of payments and other transactions that they relate to.

  3. Refund and Chargeback Reports

    These reports present a summary of all initiated refunds and chargebacks during a selected period. Details include the reasons for each refund or chargeback, related transaction data, and the final resolution status.

  4. Batch Reports

    Batch reports offer a detailed view of transactions grouped into specific batches for processing. These reports include batch totals, the number of transactions in each batch, individual transaction details, and any batch errors or discrepancies.

  5. Fee Reports

    Fee reports detail all charges related to your account, including transaction fees, monthly fees, chargeback fees, and any other associated costs. These reports assist in maintaining transparency regarding the expenses linked to our merchant services.

  6. Risk and Fraud Reports

    These reports are designed to help identify and manage risks linked with fraudulent transactions. They include information on flagged transactions, chargeback ratios, and suspected fraudulent activities.

  7. Performance Reports

    Performance reports deliver key metrics to gauge the success of your SaaS operations, such as conversion rates, the number of active users, and revenue generated from your services.

  8. MID Level Reports

    MID (Merchant Identification Number) Level Reports provide essential data regarding each unique MID associated with your business. These reports help track individual MID performance, including transaction volume, chargebacks, and refunds.

  9. Custom Reports

    Recognizing that every business has distinctive needs, we provide the option to customize your reports. Custom reports allow you to choose the data fields you want to include, define the time period, and format the report to suit your unique requirements.

We trust the list above provides a transparent overview of the different reporting options we offer. Our ultimate goal is to equip our partners with the necessary tools and data to prosper. Please reach out to your dedicated account manager if you have any queries or if you would like to discuss your specific reporting requirements.

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