Registering a cloud connected device

This guide provides step by step instructions to activate cloud connected payment devices

Step 1 - Prepare

Please review the specification of your device and collect the following information before initiating the setup process.

  1. Model of your device for example Ingenico Lane/7000

  2. Serial Number - Usually printed on the back of the device

  3. Connectivity type - Wired (Ethernet) or WiFi

Step 2 - Connect Your Device

Connect your device to power outlet (or fully charge if it is a battery powered device ). Once the device is on, then connect to internet via ethernet port or WiFi network.

Your network should have open access to internet for device to function properly.

Steps to connect to WiFi

  1. Power on and wait for it to display "disconnected"

  2. Enter "0001" to reveal "admin menu"

  3. From the admin menu select "WiFi parameters"

    • Select "scan networks"

    • Choose your network

    • Enter password if prompted, and press green button

    • Keep pressing "yellow" button until land back to "admin menu"

  4. From the admin menu select "Communication Type"

    • Select WiFi and press green button

    • Keep pressing "yellow" button until land back to "admin menu"

  5. Restart the device

    • Press and Hold "# + yellow" buttons together

    • Device will restart

  6. Once restarted if everything was setup correctly you should see registration code.

If your device does not display Unregistered with a Rotating Code value upon boot-up, it is likely that the network you are connecting to is somehow blocking outside access to the internet.

Step 3 - Activate Your Device

Please contact PayEngine support team at to activate the device and provide the information you collected in Step 1 and Step 2

  1. Model

  2. Serial Number

  3. Rotating Code on the device screen.

PayEngine team will notify you when your device is active. Once you see the welcome screen with device name on the screen, you can start using PayEngine Device Sale and Management APIs.

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