Level 2 and Level 3 Data

The more data you pass with a commercial transaction, the lower the interchange fees that apply to that transaction.

Commercial cards are eligible for level 2 (Business, Corporate and Purchasing cards) and level 3 (Corporate and Purchasing cards only) rates, but may be charged at level 1 rates if you don’t provide all the required data. Consumer cards are only eligible for data level 1.

For Level 3 support please contact your solution engineering point of contact.

Important: Along with Level 2 and Level 3 Data, cardholder ZIP code should always be submitted along with card data for full AVS and interchange qualification. See the Secure Fields section on how to include cardholder ZIP code data.

Level 2 Data Requirements

Tax Amount

Order Number

Visa generally requires capture to happen within 24 hours of Auth. Some eligible large ticket payments can be captured up to 7 business days after authorization when using a corporate/purchasing cards.

MasterCard generally requires capture to happen within 48 hours of Auth.

Visa also requires AVS for CNP transactions (except Corporate Card and Purchasing Card, which are always exempt from AVS)

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