Orchestration Overview


Payengine’s Gateway Orchestration System stands as a cornerstone in revolutionizing payment processing for Vertical SaaS partners. This innovative layer above traditional processors allows for unparalleled data ownership and streamlined management of merchant services. The system is adept at providing efficient integration and migration options, maintaining an unwavering commitment to flexibility and PCI compliance.

The system's core strength lies in its ability to act as an intermediary layer over various processors, offering a modern, adaptable, and secure environment for handling a wide array of merchant activities. This includes:

  1. Onboarding: Streamlining the merchant onboarding process with automated and manual checks, Payengine's system works across various processors in a non-locking manner, ensuring compliance and quick account activation.

  2. Transaction Processing: Facilitating diverse transaction types, Payengine's system allows for flexible routing of payments across different processors, supporting one-time payments, recurring billing, and dynamic payment methods like QR codes and payment links.

  3. Omnicommerce Orchestration: Providing a processor-agnostic omnicommerce experience, Payengine's system supports solutions like POS terminals, mobile add-on devices, and virtual terminals, seamlessly working across multiple processors.

  4. Dispute and Chargeback Handling: Efficiently managing disputes and chargebacks, Payengine’s system ensures streamlined resolution processes across various processors, reducing the administrative burden on merchants and SaaS providers.

  5. Reporting and Analytics: Offering comprehensive reporting tools, Payengine's system enables transaction monitoring and financial analysis across different processors, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

  6. Merchant Servicing: Providing an array of services such as profile updates and pricing adjustments, Payengine's system facilitates these processes across multiple processors, reducing the likelihood of vendor lock-in.

  7. Residual Reporting/Auditing: Ensuring accurate and timely residual reports, Payengine's system supports automated auditing and verification of transactions across various processors.

Payengine's commitment to no lock-in and flexibility is evident in its gateway orchestration approach, enabling Vertical SaaS vendors to effortlessly switch their traffic to new acquiring processors. This is particularly beneficial when leveraging Payengine's merchant onboarding orchestration system, which is complemented by a PII vault. This vault not only ensures the security of merchant onboarding information but also makes this data readily available for other fintech services beyond payment processing.

With its PCI-compliant vault for tokenization of card data, Payengine goes beyond securing sensitive information. It enhances the overall transactional experience by integrating advanced features like 3DS, fraud detection, network tokenization, and third-party accounting system integrations. Furthermore, the system’s L2/L3 data processing capabilities and PCI-compliant secure fields affirm its position as a comprehensive solution for modern payment processing needs.

In summary, Payengine’s Gateway Orchestration System is an all-encompassing solution that supports Vertical SaaS partners through every phase of the merchant lifecycle. It redefines the standard for embedded payments stack experiences, offering a blend of security, flexibility, and extensive functionality for a diverse range of fintech applications.

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