Fraud Prevention

PayEngine's Fraud Prevention Feature for Online Payments

Included in PayEngine is a powerful feature designed to safeguard merchants from fraud during the checkout process on their payment pages. This feature scrutinizes various data points before a payment is processed to confirm that it is not a counterfeit or unauthorized transaction.

A crucial component of this feature is the PayEngine Data Collector, which operates discreetly in the background, collecting information about the customer as they go through the checkout process on the merchant's payment page. Integration is made simple, as it can be easily incorporated using our JS SDK and API.

Note: Please contact support to enable Fraud Prevention feature

Essential PayEngine Information

As a customer concludes their purchase on the merchant's payment page, PayEngine necessitates specific information to function optimally. This data enables PayEngine to authenticate the transaction and identify any attempted fraudulent activity.

Implementation Instructions:

Step 1: Implement a client-side call using the following code:

const sessionId = await window.PayEngine.createFraudMonitorSession(PEMerchantId)

Note: Trigger this call as early in the user's journey as possible.

Step 2: Pass the session ID when executing transactions

Pass the session ID obtained in Step 1 to the auth/sale API call in the fraudMonitorSessionId field of your API request.

By following these two simple steps, you can effectively integrate PayEngine's fraud prevention feature into your payment process, enhancing the security and integrity of your online transactions.

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