Onboarding Orchestration


The Onboarding Orchestration system by Payengine marks a significant stride in simplifying the merchant onboarding journey, especially beneficial for Vertical SaaS entities in the intricate payment processing domain. This intuitive system is adeptly engineered to facilitate easy onboarding across various processors, ensuring operational fluidity for businesses seeking to diversify or switch their payment partners.

A core aspect of this system is its emphasis on the retention of crucial merchant Personally Identifiable Information (PII). For Vertical SaaS companies, this is particularly important as they often expand their fintech offerings over time. Retaining ownership of this onboarding data ensures that these companies are not just facilitating transactions but are building a comprehensive database of merchant information. This database becomes a valuable asset, especially when integrating new fintech services or transitioning between payment processors.

The orchestration system by Payengine stands out for its ability to onboard merchants to multiple processors seamlessly. This multi-processor approach not only offers unparalleled flexibility for Vertical SaaS companies but also ensures that they are not locked into a single processor. It allows these companies to choose the best processing options for their specific needs and change processors if those needs evolve, all while maintaining a consistent and efficient onboarding experience for their merchants.

In essence, Payengine's Onboarding Orchestration system is not just a tool for simplifying the onboarding to payment processors; it's a strategic asset for Vertical SaaS companies. It ensures that they maintain control and ownership of critical merchant data, which is essential as they grow and diversify their fintech offerings. This system underscores the importance of data sovereignty in the fintech space, positioning Vertical SaaS companies to be nimble and responsive to the changing dynamics of the industry.

Key Features

  1. Universal Onboarding: Seamlessly onboard merchants to multiple processors, offering a unified and efficient process.

  2. Retention of Merchant PII Data: Securely store critical PII data like EIN and SSN, enabling easy migration to other processors and integration with various fintech services.

  3. Smart and Intuitive Onboarding Forms: Collect appropriate and required documents through intelligent forms, ensuring smooth compliance reviews and underwriting.

  4. Real-Time Signature Collection: Capture merchant signatures in real-time during the onboarding process to maintain engagement and expedite document completion.

  5. Automated Compliance Checks: Conduct automated KYC/KYB/OFAC pre-checks to minimize application underwriting pends.

  6. Additional Document Collection: Ability to request and collect additional documents if underwriting pends do occur.

  7. Automatic Gateway Creation: Automate the creation of payment gateways upon approval, enhancing efficiency.

  8. Live Operator Support with Screenshare Capabilities: Offer real-time assistance and troubleshooting through live operator support, including screenshare options for enhanced guidance.

  9. Flexible Integration Options: Integrate through various methods, including APIs, embedded widgets, custom label links, and a custom label merchant portal.

  10. Custom Workflows, Sections, and Fields: Tailor the onboarding experience to specific needs with fully customizable workflows and form fields.


Payengine's Onboarding Orchestration system is designed to empower Vertical SaaS vendors with a comprehensive, secure, and flexible onboarding experience. By centralizing and simplifying the onboarding process, while providing a range of value-added features and customization options, Payengine positions itself as a leader in merchant onboarding solutions, ready to cater to the dynamic needs of the fintech industry.

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