Error codes
Common error messages you can expect to get from different API calls
Error Messages
E101 - This endpoint is currently disabled
E102 - Email is already registered
E103 - Login token has been used
E104 - Plaid is not configured
E105 - Account not found
E106 - Key has been revealed before
E107 - Transaction not found or invalid permissions
E108 - Payment not found
E109 - Transaction not found
E110 - Merchant not found
E111 - Status not available for updating
E112 - Invalid status ${new status}
E113 - Only JPG, TIFF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TXT are allowed
E114 - This merchant doesn't allow to upload documents
E115 - Document not found
E116 - No authorization header provided
E117 - Invalid public key provided
E118 - Invalid HMAC signature. Learn more at​
E119 - An HMAC signature is required. Learn more at​
E120 - Insufficient permission for accessing this route
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