Error codes
Common error messages you can expect to get from different API calls
Error Messages
E101 - This endpoint is currently disabled
E102 - Email is already registered
E103 - Login token has been used
E104 - Plaid is not configured
E105 - Account not found
E106 - Key has been revealed before
E107 - Transaction not found or invalid permissions
E108 - Payment not found
E109 - Transaction not found
E110 - Merchant not found
E111 - Status not available for updating
E112 - Invalid status ${new status}
E113 - Only JPG, TIFF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TXT are allowed
E114 - This merchant doesn't allow to upload documents
E115 - Document not found
E116 - No authorization header provided
E117 - Invalid public key provided
E118 - Invalid HMAC signature. Learn more at​
E119 - An HMAC signature is required. Learn more at​
E120 - Insufficient permission for accessing this route
E121 - Invalid API key provided
E122 - Invalid API key type
E123 - Merchant need to sign before submitting
E124 - Unable to transmit application. Please check validations first
E125 - Template not found
E126 - Unable to create gateway
E127 - Could not find specific account
E128 - Bank account not found or does not belong to this user
E129 - Permission denied
E130 - Plaid credentials are invalid for ${process.env.SYSTEM_ENV} environment. Unable to save
E131 - Your Mailgun credentials are incorrect. Please check your sending API key or domain
E131 - Unable to save. Error: {some reason})
E132 - Mailgun setting not found
E133 - Unable to send. Response from Mailgun: {some reason})
E134 - Amount must be greater than zero
E135 - Card not found
E136 - Card token expired
E137 - Card token can not be used by this merchant
E138 - Card token can not be used for this account
E139 - Card type is not accepted
E140 - Bank account not found
E141 - Bank account token expired
E142 - Bank account token cant not be used by this merchant
E143 - Bank account token can not be used for this account
E144 - Invalid transaction
E145 - Payment method is not ${paymentMethod} // For example ACH or Credit Card
E146 - Transaction doesn't have external ID
E147 - Gateway information not found
E148 - Payment not found
E149 - Refund amount can not be more than the balance amount
E150 - This payment can not be refunded
E151 - Merchant is not active
E152 - Capturing is not allowed before authorization
E153 - Return not allowed
E154 - Transaction not found
E155 - Card not found or does not belong to this user
E156 - Unsupported API call. Please see API specifications at​
E157 - You must send browser info (browserInfo generated by PayEngine js library) when attempting 3DSecure
E158 - Uploading document is not allowed
E159 - Onboarding application failed validation
E160 - No file was attached
E161 - Either a cardToken or deviceId field is required
E162 - Must only include cardToken or deviceId fields, not both
E163 - attempt3DSecure field cannot be true when using deviceId field within the same payload
E164 - deviceId field is required
E165 - Credit is not enabled for this merchant
E166 - additional_data must be an object
E167 - This transaction was already captured
E168 - Capture amount can not be more than the Auth amount
E169 - Currency is not supported
E170 - Authorization not found
E171 - Order Number must be an alpha numeric 20 characters
E172 - Payment link not found
E173 - Payment link has been paid already
E174 - Payment link has been cancelled already
E175 - Payment link is expired
E176 - Subscription not found
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